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The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite, by Rich Bowen
Published: 2006
160 pages
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The best book on the market on Apache mod_rewrite (ok, fine, it’s the only one), covering everything about mod_rewrite and including numerous useful examples that you can start using today.

Apache Cookbook, by Ken Coar, Rich Bowen
Published 2008
320 pages
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Takes a recipe-driven approach, presenting common problems and their recommended solutions, along with extensive commentary of why it’s the best practice.

Apache Administrators Handbook, by Rich Bowen
Published: 2002
448 pages
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Covers all aspects of running an Apache http server. Focuses primarily on 2.0, but also covers 1.3.

Apache Server Unleashed, by Rich Bowen et al
Published 2000
656 pages
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A comprehensive guide to the Apache http server. Covers Apache 1.3.